Folding Legs For Tables : Wedding Reception Buffet Tables.

Folding Legs For Tables

folding legs for tables

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The Inner Leg, unfolded

The Inner Leg, unfolded

Like the skinnier cross-members, fold and tape! For the leg, remember that to get a 90 degree angle in a traingle, the other two angles must be 60! The hypotenuse is longer than the other two legs! (Thats what that electrical tape is for! Haha!)

New Wargames Table (5)

New Wargames Table (5)

The legs fold out and then click. There is some lateral movement , but not much - perhaps an inch, and it is fine to lean on. 2 foot six off the ground, and a playing area of 5x9.5 feet - plenty for most games!

folding legs for tables

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