Solid Oak Lamp Tables. Glass Covers For Tables

Solid Oak Lamp Tables

solid oak lamp tables

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Giant Chair

Giant Chair

The Giant chair was originally commissioned to rest in the grounds of a 15th Century Manor House. Its popularity has meant it’s now a piece, which is made to order and can be enjoyed indoors or out.

Being twice the size of a normal chair, it’s made out of solid British Oak and steam bent into shape. The quality of craftsmanship, a truly robust design and specifically selected materials will assure this piece’s legacy for years to come.

Each chair is handmade, signed and dated by myself.

Solid British Oak Finish Exterior Grade Danish Oil Fixings Stainless Steel
Height. 180cm
Length. 130cm
Width. 130cm

For more info go to tomraffield.com

Coat Loop

Coat Loop

A contemporary butler’s elbow, offering a resting place for any garment or umbrella. The Coat Loop is made from one single, steam bent curve of English oak, creating a unique and beautiful aesthetic whilst acting as a functional object.

Designed to be wall mounted; The Coat Loop is supplied with screws, wall plugs and Oak screw concealing plugs.

Solid English Oak
Finished with Lemon Oil

Height. 18cm
Length. 25cm
Width. 70cm

solid oak lamp tables

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